About Us

At Face to Face we create designs that house memories and contain clean, classic lines strengthened by time. The frames, crosses, and pieces have the dust and color left by history.

Face to Face Designs is located on St. Simons Island in coastal, southeast Georgia. Our work is sophisticated with play. A southern root with a Hamptons style that is a mixture of classic and daring, French country, and altogether urban. We are not a mass production shop.

Born in our garage when desperation lead to inspiration. Each piece is one of a kind and is the result of the combined talents of John and Brigitte McKeown. They are guided and directed by their priceless partners in crime, Michelle Bruce, Chrissy Johnston, Ashley Johnson and Dalee Merril. Our designs are artful extensions of each of us. We begin with selected re-purposed wood, then we add individual style and passion to handcraft our frames, crosses, and joyful ornaments. Our textiles and other pieces were born from the need for a medium to express the things we find important to share. The result is pieces of art and time that are beauty-full and soul-full, in hopes to speak in the ordinary days of our lives.