Chronicles of-

A factual written account.

Beyond thankful this is the way my today has ended- fall on my knees Thankful.
#Chroniclesof -remember the days I prayed for the things I have Today-
#andtodayisallihave . With a sore throat and ringing in my ears He said "Come on We will run the germs He drug me out beyond the shore where in a few hours the waves will crash well above my head where I am standing ....and he said
#followmekid-and i did.
You work with God John Mckeown-and you make me brave. You have given me more than I could ever lose. And the gratitude is causing the words to come again @harriettjones. Maybe this is the beginning of Lessons from the Brown House.
@jennythompson #istillhavetorunontheleftside
#iruntoyou @johnmckeown
#runningmakesmenicer #Godwhatareyouupto?